Phil Headshot
Phil MacDonald
Creative Director - Senior Web Designer - UI/UX Designer


Hello, my name is Phil MacDonald and I'm a Senior Web Designer in St. Petersburg, FL. After graduating with a B.A. in Economics from Eckerd College, I decided to pursue one of my hobbies as a career. I now work in the technology and software development industry, while also running Dancebreak LLC (a music media company) on the side.

I have a diverse set of skills and hobbies ranging from design to HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX design, WordPress customization, videography, and photography. I also love history, economics, music, and maintaining an active lifestyle. I am passionate about pursuing career opportunities that intersect with my hobbies.


I love learning, and as result, I view my skill set as fluid. Recently I've been interested in product development and process efficiency. I've had some fantastic opportunities working on developing web-based applications that have a meaningful impact on the professional and association world.

My skill set ranges from design, to front-end development (HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, responsive, UI/UX design), product development, and some database management. I've also successfully taken on freelance photography and videography projects.